BRAVE FRONTIER x TRIGUN Collaboration 2020

We have details on the BRAVE FRONTIER x TRIGUN collaboration! From April 15 to May 6, 2020 (PST), players can summon their favorite TRIGUN characters into the world of Grand Gaia.

Brave Frontier x Trigun key art from Facebook

Four (4) characters from the beloved anime series will be added to the summon pool:

  • Vash the Stampede
    He is the protagonist of the series. A blond-haired man who seems to be followed by destruction and disaster wherever he goes.
  • Meryl & Milly
    Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson are agents of the Bernardelli Insurance Society. They were ordered to follow Vash the Stampede in order to evaluate and file insurance claims for their employer.
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    A wandering man who claims to be a former priest, he is a capable gunslinger with a peculiar weapon: a cross-shaped heavyweight bound in cloth and leather.
  • Legato Bluesummers
    As the leader of the villainous Gung-Ho-Guns, he directs them into missions that challenge Vash’s moral code to the very end.

Shameless plug: check out the Trigun anime, it’s a fun watch!

Brave Frontier x Trigun collab banner: special dungeon

Login for 10 days and participate in the limited time collaboration special dungeon to receive:

  • Millions Knives
    Vash the Stampede’s twin brother. He’s the reason Vash has a bounty on his head, because people thought it was Vash who went around on a killing spree.


Multi-Bond Dual Brave Burst (DBB)

DBB is a Skill Type that can only be used by “Bonded” units. This combined attack unlocks “Elemental Synergy” and deals more damage. Brave Frontier x Trigun is the first collaboration to feature DBB units, so grab them before they’re gone!  Vash the Stampede can be bonded with Meryl & Milly, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, and Millions Knives. See it in action on this trailer!


TRIGUN Collaboration dungeons

The following dungeons are available during the event.

  • TRIGUN Chamber
  • Challenge Dungeons
  • Routine Bounties
  • Frontier Spire

Note: Starting April 29, get a free Millions Knives unit when you complete his Challenge Dungeon on Hard Mode.

A limited time Raid Battle will also be available from April 22 to May 5, 2020 (PST).

Brave Frontier x Trigun giveaway

Click the banner for details on the Daily Log-in Campaign and Community Milestone rewards. You can find the full list of missions, bazaar items, and time-limited rewards here!

Brave Frontier is available through the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Visit the game’s official website, and follow the official social media pages for future updates!