First set of Valorant API launches tomorrow!

Riot Games is launching the first set of API for its tactical shooter title Valorant tomorrow, creativity is a must to claim yours as developers will be selective on which application receives a production keys.

Developers are keen to protect its players data and choosing the right applications getting a production keys in order to “to limit our time bandwidth around policy guidance and our API bandwidth we’ll be anticipating at launch.”

“That being said, send us your moonshots, your big ideas, be ambitious, and if we think you can pull it off, we’ll be in touch with you to go over the fine details and help you make it happen.”

Riot Games then stated on how the data should not be used for, such as no personal profiles, scouting tools, guides based on individual players, or personalized data of any kind, unless an individual player chooses to share their data and no direct substitutes for any in-game queue system.

Game APIs has been a source for competitiveness among players for its ranking system in a game whether casual or professional, we will soon see how this affects the game of Valorant.