NVIDIA RTX Voice for GTX! AI Noise Cancellation for Free!

Aircon sounds, that loud horn from the cars on the street, or even the bark of that dog from outside the window. These are some few noises we wouldn’t want when we stream right? What about your friends on discord who has the same problems but is reflecting on your stream. Well no more, as you are going to be happy with NVIDIA’s new release, the RTX Voice!


is a new software provided by NVIDIA exclusive for RTX graphic cardholders. Unfortunately for me, I am only using a GTX 1050ti, but that’s not a problem as I am going to share a trick for you to use this amazing software. The software is utilizing an AI logic where it separates your voice from the rest of the noise. This is like adding that noise suppression but without that infuriating change of voice. It returns the exact frequency from your voice after processing your voice.

AI Noise Cancellation

AI Noise Cancellation

Posted by GGFY on Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Do you own an RTX graphic card? Cool, here’s a straight-forward installation guide for you. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/guides/nvidia-rtx-voice-setup-guide/

RTX Voice for GTX Guide

So here’s my Graphic Card and as you can see, I am using a GTX 1050 Ti

Trying to install this software, you will be blocked by this on the installation screen. So here’s a little tweak for you after downloading that from the website. I downloaded and saved a backup since I won’t be needing any updates from the future if they ever offer any (Because it’s the core feature of this product which usually priced at 5 USD per month from other software)

Step 1. After opening and seeing this screen, go to C:\temp\ and check the folder there.

Step 2. Open RTXVoice.nvi on a text editor and remove the constraints bracket.

Step 3. After successful installation run this bad boy and select the audio source and your output device. Check the remove background box to enable this feature.

Step 4. OBS and Discord Configuration is easy. Select both the RTX sources.

OBS — It’s advisable to select the default or main audio output on your desktop audio so the audience will be able to hear the claps and small sounds from your game. We don’t want the small sounds like footsteps to be processed out by the software.

Discord — Select both RTX as we want to process the noise cancellation from our microphone source and from the sounds of your discord-mates. We don’t want the bark of their dogs on our stream, don’t we?

So that’s it! If you need more tutorials like integrating them to other software, head over to NVIDIA RTX Voice Setup Guide.

You may remove other noise suppressions from Discord to get the full quality. Plus this doesn’t work for Radeon users. Sadly my Strix 5700 prompts an error upon checking that ‘remove noise’ button.