One-tap COVID-19 for a change in Scope for Change: A CS:GO Online Charity Tournament

Prepare your godlike aim and take part in Scope for Change CS:Go Online Charity Tournament giving aid to those in need with every bullet aimed at the coronavirus, and your enemies as well.

Boasting a lion’s share of ₱80,000, the online tournament gives opportunity for competitive players to donate to charity of their choice; each team can win up to ₱40,000 in prize money and ₱30,000 of the that will be donated to be the winning team’s charity of choice while the remainder is given to the team personally.

The tournament will be hosting a 16-team single elimination format on July 17-19 and on July 24-26. The 1st place down to the 3rd-4th place finishers receives the following prize and divided in a 3:1 ratio for the charity and team respectively:

  • 1st place: ₱40,000
  • 2nd place: ₱20,000
  • 3rd-4th place: ₱10,000

For more information on this tournament, you can check out the Scope for Change website here.