Steam sets a new record


Steam hits a massive user peak of nearly 20 million users at the same time as COVID-19 pandemic grounds millions of users to their homes.

On the other side, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sets a new record of 1,007,062 players. The first time the game has hit more than 1 million players since it was launched in August 2012.

You can see just how popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that day. Dota 2 peaked 712,955 while PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND had 525,096.

We can’t deny that the COVID-19 pandemic played a huge part in these records. As more nations announced lockdown and community quarantines, people chose to remain indoors to reduce the chance of spreading the virus further. People tend to play video games to pass the time. Steam is a natural place for gamers that are looking to distract themselves while sheltered indoors.