Team Fight Tactics launching soon

League of Legends Team Fight Tactics comes to mobile on March 19, 2020

Team Fight tactics will be the first incursion of Riot Games to smartphone gaming.

Riot Games is ready to launch its first-ever mobile game. The developer announced that Teamfight Tactics, a League of Legends game mode inspired by Dota 2’s popular auto chess mod will launch on March 19, 2020. iOS and Android devices are supported. The mobile version of Teamfight Tactics will be free-to-play and crossplay compatible with the existing PC game. Brand-new tutorial, ranked games and the space-themed Galaxies expansion will be included. Some things to look forward as well are the following, free Galaxy-Pass and premium Galaxy pass, for a limited time, it allows the players to unlock cosmetics with experience points.

Teamfight Tactics is just one of the plenty of Riot titled games planned for mobile. They already announced the mobile version of League of Legends called Wild Rift  Scheduled to come out later this 2020 followed by an FPS team-based game calledValorant.

With that being said, 2020 will be packed with incredible games from Riot Games.